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Dr. Marks-Cogan has been featured in multiple news broadcasts and national publications discussing various topics in allergy





 Dr. Marks-Cogan on Shark Tank


Dr. Marks-Cogan on NBC TMJ4 News Live



 The “Holiday Effect” and Allergies

Learn why airborne allergies can be more problematic around the holidays.


Insect Allergies Can Really Sting

Learn about bees and other insect allergies and how to treat them.



Pollution and Hot Weather Affect Asthma Sufferers

A discussion on air quality and hot temperatures and their affects on asthma and allergies.


Spring Cleaning Could Trigger Allergies

Spring cleaning can expose you to mold and dust; learn how to avoid allergy flares!



Holiday Potluck Tips for Those with Food Allergies

People with food allergies have to be extra careful at holiday potlucks; learn how to cope with all of the unknown foods.


Severe allergy symptoms plague seasonal sufferers

Each season brings its own set of allergy triggers; find out how to prepare yourself.



Hot weather aggravating allergy sufferers

Unseasonably warm weather can exacerbate your allergy symptoms, learn about how the “Priming Effect” can affect you.


Tackling Spring Allergies

Tips to minimize allergy symptoms in the spring.



Food allergies on the rise, doctors say

Many don’t realize how serious food allergies are and how quickly they can escalate into severe, even fatal, reactions.


Hot summer weather can bring heat rashes and sunscreen allergies

Learn about summer allergies, including the most common skin allergies.



A Pill for Grass Allergies?

What you need to know about a new technique called sublingual immunotherapy.


How to Manage a Gluten Free Diet

Learn about gluten intolerance, wheat allergies, and celiac disease.



Mucus: How to Sing Through It!

Dr. Marks-Cogan discusses tips on treating mucus with a popular voice coach!


Travel, Allergies and your Voice

Dr. Marks-Cogan discusses tips to help manage allergies and mucus while traveling.



DIY Sinus Rinse

Dr. Marks-Cogan gives you some helpful tips to do a DIY sinus rinse!




Guidelines For Preventing Food Allergies in Children

Dr. Marks-Cogan interviewed by

All About Food Allergies In Babies

Dr. Marks-Cogan interviewed by

I'm Coughing and Wheezing — Do I Have Seasonal Allergies or the Coronavirus?

Dr. Marks-Cogan interviewed by

Katie Marks-Cogan, MD: Setting a Pediatric Food Allergy Prevention Strategy

Dr. Marks-Cogan interviewed by

The Most Common Allergy Symptoms to Look Out for, Broken Down By Season

Dr. Marks-Cogan interviewed by

When Does Allergy Season *Actually* Start?

Dr. Marks-Cogan interviewed by


The New AAP Guidelines for Introducing Your Baby to Food Allergens

Dr. Marks-Cogan interviewed by Lifehacker


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